Friday, 9 December 2011

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Our first formal book "Row"...
We had sooo much fun :)
The first of the three weeks (yes 3!!) we read and read and read and read this delightful book.
Little Mister memorised his favourite parts with no prompting:
     "Oozy MUD!!"
     "Tiptoe Tiptoe... What's that!?"
     "Oh, no!"
     "Polar" (that's the bear?!)

I found some great printables at Homeschool Creations which we painted, then added extra bling to re-create the story...

We used green paint then grass from the back lawn on the "long wavy grass" - Blue paint then blue glitter on the "deep cold river" - yellow paint the mud (yes mud!) on the "thick oozy mud" - green paint then leaves from the back garden on the "big dark forest" - yellow paint then cotton wool and white rice on the "swirling whirling snowstorm" - and Black paint on the "narrow gloomy cave" and a glow in the dark bear which we stuck in the cave, and added goggley eyes to.
We did this over 2 days, and had lots of fun :)

Little Mister painting the "thick oozy mud"...

The (almost) finished products...

The blank space above each picture is for our "real-life" bear hunt! We've taken the photo's just haven't printed them to stick on yet!They're posted below :)

"Long Wavy Grass"

"A Deep Cold River"

"Thick Oozy Mud"
(a brilliant Sensory Education moment!)

"A Big Dark Forest"

"A Swirling Whirling Snowstorm"

"A Narrow Gloomy Cave" & "It's a Bear!"
(Or as Little Mister says, a Polar! He has one, and to him they are all the same at the moment :))

...and so ended the bear hunt!

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  1. You all did some fun stuff for this unit ~ the painting with mud is too cute. :)


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