Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Everyday Experiences and Education

Here are a few photos of Little Mister learning through recent every-day happenings.

We have had some wonderful and memorable experiences...

Sailing with Grandma and Grandpa out on the ocean... swish swish go the waves, swim swim go the fish. We saw great big tankers, other sailing boats, fishing boats, a dolphin or two, all sorts of birds and even had to rescue Little Mister's hat when it went overboard!
Little Mister loved to sit on Captain Grandpa's lap and help him steer.
He also loved to stand at the hatch in the bow of the boat, with just his head poking out, and watch the sails and feel the wind in his face.

The following is an unauthorised sensory education experience!!
All was quiet out the back, so I thought a little investigation was necessary... and this is what I found!  ...and then I joined in and made the most of "wasted" eggs :)

We have four Isa Brown Hens, all of which are very regular layers. We get 4 eggs most days!
Here Little Mister is helping daddy weigh and date the eggs.

Reading stories is a favourite for all of us.
Just had to share this precious photo of Little Mister and his daddy.

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