Monday, 21 November 2011

Starting Out

I'm a full-time mother, homemaker and wife... and I love it. Neither my hubby nor I would have it any other way. We believe in the God assigned tasks for each of us, and want to do our very best in "training up our child in the way he should go". We believe that this includes every part of every day, and for us, this naturally includes schooling.
At this stage in life we have been blessed with one beautiful lively son and the opportunity to own a couple of acres and live surrounded by God's wonderful creation every day.
I was home-schooled myself for years 7-8 and loved every minute of it! So even though Little Mister is still just 2 years old, I am ever so keen to get started with a 'routine' of home education!!
I've done heaps of research into methods of home education and looked at many curriculum's. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that there are curriculum's for children almost from birth!

I've come to the conclusion that our education method will be rather eclectic! I always had an idea of how I wanted to do it... until I had a child! Now I see things differently :) We particularly love the idea of unit studies, or book studies. Similar to the ideas used by Five in a Row and The Little Big Book Club. We'll use any book or topic that takes our fancy and will include Bible stories too.

I've also recently looked in more depth at Montessori, and am really loving what I see!
So unit/book studies with lots of Montessori style learning is probably what will happen.

Having researched things early in the picture, I feel we are blessed that by the time our eldest child (and only at the moment!)  reaches formal schooling age, we will have a good idea of his learning style and interests. We'll also have a good idea of how on-track mum can stay :)

Would love to read your comments, tips, ideas etc.
We're new at this and anything will be food for thought :)

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