Monday, 9 January 2012

Trains, and Trams, boats, planes, buses, but predominantly TRAINS!

Little Mister is 'obsessed' trains at the moment! Could it have something to do with us living so close to a train line?

So we embarked on a theme 'study' of trains and other vehicles.

We used:
Most of the Transportation Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations
Things That Go layer book + the ABC Train from Homeschool Share
and parts of the Train Tot Kit from Lawteedah

Here's a selection of photo's to give an idea of what we did over the 3 weeks it took us!

Little Mister's daddy was on leave from work, so the three of us spent the day at the National Railway Museum at Port Adelaide. Here we rode the little Yellow Train called Ken, explored all the restored trains on actual tracks! There were sleeper cars, day travel cars, engines, dining carts, vehicles that looked like motorbikes that ran on the tracks for repairs, carts a miniature railway and lots more.

Little Mister coloured in many pictures of vehicles, and I helped him hold the Texta correctly to write his name on a train carriage. (Fine motor Skills)

Little Mister is very good at matching like pictures, but this was the first time he had tried Shadow Matching, and he was brilliant! Got it first go, without any explanation :) So proud of our Little Mister! We played it on the table, on the floor, shadows on colour, colours on shadow etc. He loved it every time... and still does!
(Montessori style learning)

We also spent a day with Little Mister's Papa & Grandma where we drove into Adelaide city and caught the TRAM down to Glenelg. We paddled in the waves, played in the sand and enjoyed afternoon tea on the shady lawn near this...

...shark head (man-built) which is out the front of Seawall Apartments on the Glenelg foreshore. It says if you take a photo in the shark head and email it in, that we could win a nights accommodation! Of course we'll give it a go :)

This boat was behind the shark head, and Little Mister had fun exploring.
It's set up with a picnic style table in the middle as seating for the casual dining restaurant.
Then it was back on the Tram again and heading back into the city. Little Mister fell asleep on Papa on the way back...

...and continued to sleep while we started the "Market crawl dinner" (as we call it). This involves walking the entire Central Market, taste testing and buying little pieces to eat from any stall that takes your fancy. This time we enjoyed, cheeses, yoghurt, Chinese sweet breads with a custard filling, salami (of some kind!) nuts, dried fruit.. and of course a real iced coffee!

 Little Mister thoroughly enjoyed reading many many many books on vehicles... and is now in love with Thomas the Tank Engine!!

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